Planning for the Future

Join Americans across the country in making future health care decisions known to family, friends and health care providers. Share your wishes and complete your advance directive, because...YOUR DECISIONS MATTER.

Regardless of age or health status, none of us knows when a future event might leave us unable to speak for ourselves. Talking with your loved ones now, appointing a representative and preparing a written record of your wishes will be invaluable should you become unable to make or communicate health care decisions.

Compassion & Choices' Good to Go Toolkit and Resource Guide are designed to help you identify your priorities and help ensure your wishes are honored. This collection of material is designed to guide the process of making and communicating your decisions.



Good to Go Resource Guide»
A 16-page introduction to end-of-life planning with ideas, inspiration, information and answers.






Good to Go Toolkit»
The Good to Go Toolkit includes worksheets, forms and more, along with helpful instructions for filling out these forms.

You may also have your Resource Guide and Toolkit mailed, please call us at 800.247.7421 to subit your request.


State Specific Advance Directive/Living Will »
Living wills/advance directives are actually a set of documents - a living will/advance directive and a medical durable power of attorney. Advance Directives are state-specific and are not included in the Good to Go Toolkit.
Download your state-approved advanced directive and tips for completing the forms here. 

In addition to an advance directive, you may choose to download and complete one or more of the below forms by clicking on the below links. 

Sectarian Health Care Directive>>
The language in this addendum clarifies that admission to a religiously-affiliated facility does not imply consent to particular care mandated by the institution’s religious policies, and directs a transfer if the facility declines to follow the wishes outlined in an advance directive.  

Values Worksheet»
This worksheet includes questions you may want to consider as you make decisions and prepare documents concerning your healthcare preferences.  

Dementia Provision»
Includes language that can be added to any Advance Directive or Living Will to advise physicians and family of the wishes of a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia.  

My Particular Wishes»
This form is meant to inform your physician, nurse or other care provider of your consent or refusal of certain specific therapies.  

Hospital Visitation Form»
Unmarried partners may need prior hospital visitation authorization from their partner.  

A Letter To My Doctor»
Find out if your Doctor will respect your end-of-life wishes now - before it is too late.   

Who. What. Where.

Already have your documents in order? You have taken the first step, answering the WHAT. You still need to make sure you have spoken to your agent and loved ones about your wishes, WHO. The final step is the WHERE. Make sure copies of your advance directive are in the right places: with your agent, in your home or obvious place for your agent or loved one to find it, and with  your doctor.

Internet Resources»
A list of other organizations and web resources for common end-of-life issues.

Recommended publications dealing with end-of-life issues.

If you have further questions about planning for the future, please call us at 800-247-7421.


Have The Conversation.

We can’t control everything about our death. But if we communicate effectively, we make it more likely that our wishes for the end of life will be known and respected. Simply completing an advance directive does not ensure it will be respected. Recent studies indicate the single most powerful thing a person can do to improve the chance for gentle dying is --- simply and courageously --- to talk about it.

Effective communication with those who will be called upon to make decisions on our behalf is key to the likelihood that our wishes are carried out. Compassion & Choices offers a Good to Go Toolkit and Good To Go Resource Guide that help you define your priorities, understand who you need to talk with and come up with ideas on how to get the conversation rolling. We've also provided state-specific advance directives free of charge, available for downloading.

It is never too early to get started.

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